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Why test performance?

It takes no more than 3 seconds until a user gets frustrated with response times. Performance and load tests are crucial in order to protect your IT investment. Slow response times are a certain way to displease your customers. Customers, or users, tend to be less patient when using an application, compared to other situations in real life, but there’s a limit for everything…

We have got the knowledge and experience that enables development and implementation of sufficient methods and processes for performance and load tests.

We educate and guide our customers with the purpose to contribute to as effective tests as possible.

The purpose of performance and load tests is to verify the following aspects of an application:

  • The response times are fast enough to avoid user frustration.
  • The capacity is high enough to support the expected number of users without slowing down response times.
  • The application is stable and that capacity and response times doesn’t degrade over time.
  • That error scenarios, such as failing over to another server or sudden load bursts, doesn’t impact user experience.
  • That the Operations Department are among the first to know about performance problems. Users shouldn’t have to call in.


Tailor-made sessions for testers, developers, operations and management


Start-up of test teams

Strategy, risk assessment, methods and tools



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